Wedding Day Makeup

Your wedding day makeup doesn’t have to be a total transformation from “everyday” you into an over-the-top glamazon version of you.  Many Brides I meet want to have flawless skin, with a focus on their best features, but ultimately, want to look very much like themselves.

During a consultation, I take the time to discuss what a Bride envisions for herself and how she pictures her total look on what will surely be one of the most photographed days of her life.  Retro glam?  Refined romantic?  Bronzed goddess? I encourage my Brides-to-be to search for makeup ideas from magazines, Pinterest, etc and share those photos with me if they are not able to put into words what they like or imagine for themselves.

Keep in mind that sometimes, a style of makeup that you see a picture of may not be best suited for your skin type or face shape.  If you love a sultry, smoky eye but never wear makeup, your wedding day may not be the best time to go extreme. Remember the Jennifer Aniston “Rachel” haircut back in the 1990’s?  I wanted that cut and some of you probably did too, but the reality was that my thick, naturally curly, brunette hair just didn’t work for that style.  The same can happen with a makeup look that you love.

There have been times when I’ve re-created a makeup look from a picture that was shown to me and then ended up doing something completely opposite because my Bride realized that she loved the idea of it, but didn’t actually love it on herself. That’s okay and ultimately, that is what consultations are for!

You should feel happy and confident when you look in the mirror at your makeup, and when you look at your wedding photos, know that you looked like your very best self, not just a made-up version of you.

Here are a few of my favorite wedding day makeup “looks”:

charlize-theron-2012-golden-globes-vintage-updo-natural-bridal-makeup__full-carousel bridal-makeup-23 ebbd3389da7eddb6ccf8a5952c8329d4 Smokey_eye_high_fashion_bride

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